Andrew's Story

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Andrew's Story

Andrew and his service dog, Wilson, were placed together in October of 2018. Congratulate them and check out Andrew's original story below!


My name is SSgt. Andrew Huffman. I have been serving in the Air Force for 10 years as a Security Forces Team Lead and Patrolman. However the last 3 years I have been on Medical Board status due to the limitations I have faced  from on and off duty injuries. I shattered my spine in 3 places while in Iraq, as well as received 3 Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBIs). While struggling with the trials of dealing with being a different person physically. I was also diagnosed with PTSD. While in treatment, I met an individual named Trent, who got his service dog Tracer from Retrieving Freedom in 2016. Trent convinced me to come down and take a look at Retrieving Freedom because no matter how many treatment programs I went though, I was still returning to the same quiet and scary place that I couldn’t deal with and one day would destroy me. So I did! I’m proud to say I even made the move closer to the RFI facility in order to just be engulfed by the experience and the excitement of a better future. I have met a few dogs and one in particular gets me excited to get up, get out and go get after life again. 

Thank you so much for the opportunity and the perfect partner to tear the dust up with! 


SSgt. Andrew Huffman



  • Joann l Zondorak | May 24th 2018 @ 4:02 AM

    I like you have a very bad spine. It is much more difficult than people that see us could imagine.I am happy that you have been given a dog. I feel it could really help with balance ,depression & night terrors. I get them also & it also affects the days that follow .Wishing you the best future with your new furry friend.

  • The Russell Family, Tony, Tammy, & kids | Aug 9th 2018 @ 10:11 AM

    Hello Andrew, I met you July 17th at RFI Waverly. I brought my family over to tour RFI and meet a few of you. One on one you shared your story with me, while sitting with your hope to be service dog Wilson. Your story was one of 5 that day I was told. They all touched me the same way. You have my support, you have my families support, and we are spreading the word about RFI to everyone and the great work that they do. From my family and me, thank you for your service and your sacrifice. We all

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