Herron and Coach's Story

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Herron's Story

Herron was placed with his service dog, Coach, in September of 2018. Read their original story below!
Thank you everyone for the support!
Herron was officially diagnosed with severe autism on June 29th, 2006, about two and a half weeks prior to his 3rd birthday. We knew several months prior to this that he had changed, but when we went seeking help, we had to fight and claw for everything because it just wasn't out there. Herron had lost the speech and language that he had as well as his beautiful smile. He regressed into his own little world. Through many speech, OT, and ABA therapists, as well as several biomedical doctors, Herron has improved but is still non-verbal, and his behavior over the last few years has become so that we rarely take him out in public anymore. He becomes easily frustrated, and his "fight or flight" response kicks in, and he slaps you and others and also throws things. He can go from a calm state to a major meltdown mode in a matter of seconds. It is truly a "Dr. Jekyll, Mr. Hyde" transformation. Despite this, Herron is a very loving soon to be 14 year old boy. He loves being outside jumping on his trampoline, swinging, or riding on the 4-wheeler with us. He absolutely loves the water, whether it's swimming, playing in a puddle or a bucket with the water hose, or getting in the bathtub 7-8 times a day.
   We see the awesome possibilities of getting an autism service dog to benefit not only Herron, but to help his older brother, Tanner, and us cope with the everyday frustrations and struggles that autism brings with it. Autism not only affects the person with it but everyone else around as well. Your donations and prayers for Herron and our family are greatly appreciated! Thank you for your generosity!
May God bless each of you daily!

Chris, Shelley and Tanner

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  • Beth Blake | Nov 7th 2018 @ 4:10 PM

    That’s fantastic! Could share more information about how the service dog helps with meltdowns? “Meltdown in a matter of seconds” and “Jekyll and Hyde” are also very much part of my familiy’s life with autism.

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