Jon's Story

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Jon's Story


I joined the Marine Corps in 2004 as a 0351 Assaultman. I got to my unit October 31, 2004 with the First Battallion 5th Marines, Wpns Co. We deployed to Ramadi, Iraq in February of 2005 and came home that October. After that, I did miscellaneous training and was medically discharged in December of 2006.

I tried to live the civilian life, but simply couldn't do it. In February of 2008, I began the process of going back into the military. On October 15, 2008 I enlisted in the Army as a 92 Fox Fuel Supply Specialist. I went to multiple schools before going to my unit at Fort Carson, Colorado - First Brigade 4ID Alpha Company 4BSB. There I became the training NCO and trained for our deployment to Afghanistan which was July of 2010. After two weeks there I became a gunner for Convoy Security Ops and did that for the following year. I came home June of 2011 and became a squad leader for the fuel platoon started running convoy ops and training missions, getting ready for our next deployment. I discharged out of the Army in May of 2012.

After I moved to Iowa in 2017, I went to a Memorial Day ceremony in Waterloo where I met a veteran with a dog from Retrieving Freedom. I went through the VA  to get a letter saying that it would help me with my PTSD to get a service dog. I actually held onto that letter for a year before coming to Retrieving Freedom. Upon coming to RFI, I have been working with a dog and I have found another family on the road to recovering from PTSD and TBI.