Rod's Story

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Hummer and Rod

"I want to bestow a gracious and great thank you for Hummer. 

Hummer has been an awesome dog and a perfect match for me. When I brought him home, it did not take him days or weeks to acclimate and get used to the place, but it only took him a matter of hours and he felt very comfortable and free here at this house. Hummer has been absolutely gracious - he is running around the yard and got full access to the house. I think he thinks he's died and gone to Doggy Heaven because of the wonderful place he's got now. He cannot spend any time alone because he feels the need to be with me all the time. He loves me just as much as I love him, too. I want to thank you very much again for this dog.

It also appears on my side that I cannot deal without him anymore. It is a match made in heaven. Thank you very much. And I mean it, thank you very, very, very much."

- Rod and Hummer