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The impact of your monthly gift:


$15 per month provides an enrichment toy for a Service Dog in training.


$25 per month covers yearly preventative expenses for a Service Dog in training.


$55 per month provides a bag of food for a Service Dog in training.


$145 per month provides routine yearly veterinary costs and screening for a Service Dog in training.


$210 per month joins our Puppy Club Sponsors covering the first year of a puppy’s care and training.


Why give monthly?

Benefits to you:
  • Setting up automatic donations to Retrieving Freedom is hassle-free.
  • Join Freedom's Changemakers and receive monthly personal emails with exclusive information, pictures, and videos about what's happening at Retrieving Freedom.
  • Giving smaller regular gifts is an effective way to support our Veterans and children with autism. It is easier on our budget and allows us to make a greater impact over time compared to giving a one-time donation. Let's maximize our impact by making consistent contributions throughout the year.


Benefits to Retrieving Freedom:
  • When giving slows down, monthly gifts provide financial stability that one-time gifts cannot.
  • Your support is invaluable in helping us plan for the future. It enables us to address our day-to-day needs, anticipate future ones, and seize opportunities for growth. Knowing that we can count on your continued support is vital for us to plan effectively. Estimating support for a month is not the same as having your faithful support in the long term. Thank you for being there for us.
  • Your recurring monthly donations are like seeds that help us grow. Our ability to serve more clients and expand our reach is largely dependent on the support of loyal and passionate donors like you. Your financial contributions, as well as emotional investment, play a crucial role in driving Retrieving Freedom's mission to change lives through Service Dogs. Thank you for being a part of this dedicated group of supporters and for making a positive impact in our community.
  • Your monthly donation can help us provide Service Dogs to Veterans and children with autism, which can offer them exceptional emotional support and connection.

As someone with the power to make a difference, you have the opportunity to transform the lives of countless Veterans with disabilities and children with autism throughout the United States. Let's be the change they need and make a difference in their lives today.



Donations in the form of checks may be mailed to either facility:

1152 - 230th Street, Waverly, Iowa 50677

20360 - Tangle Nook Road, Sedalia, Missouri 65301

Retrieving Freedom, Inc. is an accredited member of Assistance Dogs International.