A note from Scott Dewey

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Retrieving Freedom Family,

Retrieving Freedom has entered its ninth year of serving our mission to change lives through the training of service dogs for veterans with disabilities and children with autism!  I am so proud of the accomplishments of this organization since I did my small part as one of the founders.  Looking back, it’s truly unbelievable to see all that encompasses this original dream.  I was once asked in an interview how someone can make a dream into a reality, and my answer was that the main difference between the two was hard work.  This is so true in the case of Retrieving Freedom, and that hard work came from so many people!  I am honored to personally know almost every one of you that helped make it a success.  We often say it takes a village… the spectacular volunteers, a dedicated Board of Directors, generous donors, and a diligent staff…. to place a service dog! 

This team has trained and placed over 100 service dogs in 27 states, impacted thousands of students and inmates, and completed two facilities; one in Waverly and a new one in Sedalia, MO.  For me though, it has offered new relationships with people who I feel will always be part of my life.  I occasionally heard that “Scott was hard to read, maybe intimidating, and even scary.” However, once we got to know each other, I hope you discovered that my heart outweighed the “scary” persona. 

I have always said that this organization is greater than any one of us, and my goal was for it to outlive all of us.   After nine years, I believe that the organization is positioned to make that a reality.  My heart is so full, yet it is yearning for the challenge of new opportunities.  In order to be transparent in the search of my next venture, I have decided to transition out of a staff position with Retrieving Freedom.  I am faithful that God’s hand is in this decision and, while anxious, believe that the next opportunity will arise.  Ironically, it was a similar decision in 2011 that led me to the founding of Retrieving Freedom.

I will continue, over the next month, to work through this transition and assist in keeping the momentum going forward; even in this time of the corona virus pandemic.  “Changing Lives” is an incredible mission that will continue to be a part of my heart forever!  I will be available and would love to hear how Retrieving Freedom touched your life.

Please feel free to connect.  My phone number will stay the same at 319-290-0350 and my email has changed to [email protected].


Warm Regards,

Scott Dewey