Therapy dog Ammo

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Therapy dog Ammo

My name is Ammo. I am a black Labrador who spent the majority of my training in a loving foster home, with hopes of helping a veteran in the future. I like to greet anyone who walks into the room with a low grumble. Although I mean no harm, sometimes people don't understand why I do this. Because of my habit of warning my owners when someone has walked in, I was removed from the possibility of working in public every day with someone.

Instead, I found a new home with great owners. My new handler works at a hospital, where I can provide therapy for children who come to work at our Early Developmental Intervention center. I help my patients feel comfortable throughout their therapy. I listen when they read, walk next to them to give them confidence, but I especially love when they need to work on coordination, because then they throw a ball for me!

Although I'm not working as a service dog in a public setting, I still have a purpose and love to help as many people as I can.