Celebrating Autism Acceptance Month

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During Autism Acceptance Month, it's important to remember that autism spectrum disorder is one of the fastest-growing developmental disorders in the United States, affecting 1 in 36 children. Early identification and support are crucial, as the average age of an autism diagnosis is 4 years old. Do you know an estimated 30% of children are minimally verbal or non-verbal?


Retrieving Freedom, Inc. shines a light of hope on these statistics and has placed 56 Service Dogs with children with autism nationwide at no charge. Our Service Dogs help bridge social gaps, promote communication and interaction, promote emotional regulation, and provide a calming presence for children during times of distress.



This Autism Acceptance Month, we encourage you to get involved and support our mission to change lives. By doing so, you are investing in enhancing the lives of children with autism and empowering them to navigate the world with greater independence and confidence.



Supporting Retrieving Freedom is not just a charitable act; you're helping transform our communities by promoting understanding and independence in each interaction.



Will you help change the life of a child with autism today?