Dan and Chance's Story

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Stage 1 introduction

Hello, my name is Chance I am proud to have been selected to enter into the Retrieving Freedom training program. My parents are "Hope" from Yellow Rose Labradors (Guy and Karol C). and "Cotton" from Yellow Rose Labradors. During this stage of training I will be spending approximately 8 months with my foster, Lynne. Throughout Stage 1, I will learn the basics obedience, public behavior, and a lot of socialization. I understand that it takes a very special dog to complete the program as there is a high standard to become a Service Dog.   I am aware that I may be one of the dogs whose purpose is outside of service work so I will be updating my profile on a monthly basis for all that would like to follow my journey through the program. 
2 month update

I just got to meet my new foster, Lynn. She tells me my name is Chance. She hopes that someday I will be someone’s second chance at living an independent life.  

3 month update.

I have been busy in my first month of training. I go everywhere with my foster! We have been to the mall, I have gotten to meet all of her friends and family but they can only pet me if I am sitting and if my foster gives them permission.

4 month update.


I went to my first movie but, I fell asleep after the opening previews! I didn’t even dare look at all the popcorn on the ground much less try and eat any of it. I was on my best behavior! I even got to attend a local music event, and got my picture taken with one of the performers!

5 month update.

I have been going with my foster to some of her workout classes, during these classes I work on my “place command” . Sometimes I just cant help myself and I need to go cuddle with my foster.

6 month update.

I continue to work on my basic obedience and being exposed to many different environments and people. Above, I am pictured sitting next to some stuffed animals. The stuffed moose is as big as me! I was a little bit afraid of him at first but once I realized it wasn’t real, I was happy to sit next to the moose for a picture.

7 month update

I have been working extra hard and my foster mom says I am a “very good boy” Today, she brought home my new foster sister, her name is Finley! I get to help “show her the ropes” on how to be a good service dog in training.

8 month update

I have been working very hard with my foster, and she says I am ready for the next step in my training. I will miss her and my foster sister, Finley so much. Thank you Lynne for giving me the best start!