Doggos & Donuts!

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Doggos & Donuts!

Join Lily Rain for Doggos and Donuts on Sunday, August 20 from 12:30 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. at Lily Rain Saddle Creek - 7515 Poplar Avenue Suite 113 in Germantown, Tennessee 38138. 

The host states, "Lily Rain will be hosting a Doggos and Donuts weekend on August 19th and 20th at Saddle Creek in Germantown, TN! We are partnered with 2 amazing organizations, Woof River Animal Rescue and Retrieving Freedom Inc., to bring awareness not only to their personal missions but to have a fun filled, furry weekend! We kick off Saturday (11am-4pm) with Woof River Animal Rescue. They will be bringing a few pups to the store that hopefully can get adopted out by the end of the event! Come enjoy some sweet treats while being graced by this great organization that is strictly run by volunteers who work to keep down the euthanization rates in Memphis. Sunday (12:30-5) we are being joined by Retrieving Freedom Inc., a non profit organization who provides guide dogs to veterans, children with autism, and individuals with type 1 diabetes. Come learn and meet these highly trained pups who save lives everyday! There will be treats at this event as well as some sweet Sunday mimosas!"