Hazel II

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Sponsor Announcement

I am honored to be sponsored by Mark and Cindy Crowl. They graciously donated toward a sponsorship, which provided them the opportunity to give me my wonderful name! I want to thank Mark and Cindy from the bottom of my heart for their generosity toward my training. I hope to make them proud!!

Hazel's Journey

Stage 1 Introduction

Hi! I'm Hazel. I am proud to have been selected to enter into the Retrieving Freedom training program, where I journeyed to from Kerrybrook Labradors. During this stage of training I will be spending approximately 8 months with my new volunteer fosters, Jake and Jill.

Throughout Stage 1, I will learn the basics obedience, public behavior, and a lot of socialization. I understand that it takes a very special dog to complete the program as there is a high standard to become a Service Dog. I am aware that I may be one of the dogs whose purpose is outside of service work so I will be updating my profile on a monthly basis for all that would like to follow my journey through the program. 

February 2021 - 2 months old


Welcome to my journey! I just transitioned from my wonderful breeder to my new foster home with Jake and Jill. First, I will work on learning my name, how to walk on a leash, where to go potty, and that sleeping in my crate is relaxing.

March 2021 - 3 months old


I have been introduced to the "place" command, where I stay on this doggy bed until I'm released. At first I only sit still for a couple of seconds, but eventually I'll be able to stay here as long as is necessary! A fun enrichment activity that Jill introduced to me is a Gatorade bottle with the lid removed, with a little bit of my kibble inside. I have to use my mind to figure out how to get the kibble out in order to enjoy it. I love this activity! Jill says I'm incredibly easy to train because I maintain eye contact. She has introduced the commands "sit," "heel," "down," "here," and "touch." I know to wait for the "free" command before I break to eat or exit my kennel. I'm so smart!

April 2021 - 4 months old


This month I was granted public access from the professional training staff at Retrieving Freedom! This means I've received all of my necessary vaccinations to keep me safe while training in public, and my training is at a point that I'll be able to appropriately behave while out. I experienced a greenhouse for the first time!

May 2021 - 5 months old


I had my first weekend at Scout Camp! 


  • Mark & Cindy | Feb 17th 2021 @ 4:25 PM

    Hazel, We are so excited to be apart of your world. We look forward to watching you grow & learn. We can’t wait to see who’s life you will change forever.

  • Cindy Crowl | Mar 10th 2021 @ 2:26 PM

    Hazel, You are doing so good. Keep up the good work. You get prettier every day.

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