Hazel II

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Sponsor Announcement

I am honored to be sponsored by Mark and Cindy Crowl. They graciously donated toward a sponsorship, which provided them the opportunity to give me my wonderful name! I want to thank Mark and Cindy from the bottom of my heart for their generosity toward my training. I hope to make them proud!!

Hazel's Journey

Stage 1 Introduction

Hi! I'm Hazel. I am proud to have been selected to enter into the Retrieving Freedom training program, where I journeyed to from Kerrybrook Labradors. During this stage of training I will be spending approximately 8 months with my new volunteer fosters, Jake and Jill.

Throughout Stage 1, I will learn the basics obedience, public behavior, and a lot of socialization. I understand that it takes a very special dog to complete the program as there is a high standard to become a Service Dog. I am aware that I may be one of the dogs whose purpose is outside of service work so I will be updating my profile on a monthly basis for all that would like to follow my journey through the program. 

February 2021 - 2 months old


Welcome to my journey! I just transitioned from my wonderful breeder to my new foster home with Jake and Jill. First, I will work on learning my name, how to walk on a leash, where to go potty, and that sleeping in my crate is relaxing.

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  • Mark & Cindy | Feb 17th 2021 @ 4:25 PM

    Hazel, We are so excited to be apart of your world. We look forward to watching you grow & learn. We can’t wait to see who’s life you will change forever.

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