Tyler and Mabel's Story

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Tyler and Mabel's Story

Tyler and his service dog Mabel were placed together in December 2018 after working together for many months. Mabel goes to school with Tyler where she is able to help him all day long. Tyler and Mabel are truly best friends. Read their original story below, and leave a comment congratulating them on their recent placement!

Tyler is 13 years old and will be in 8th grade in the fall. He was recently diagnosed with Autism in March 2018.

Since we have been visiting Retrieving Freedom we realized the numerous benefits of a service dog and how it would enrich day to day activities at home, school and in public.

We believe that a service dog from Retrieving Freedom will assist Tyler with transitions, security and support. He is hypersensitive to loud noises and will have a meltdown when overstimulated. Changes in routine can also trigger a meltdown. He may become aggressive and it can be difficult to redirect or calm him down. The service dog would be able to help with anxiety and meltdowns and provide Tyler comfort.

A service dog will allow Tyler to become more independent which will help increase his confidence. We also believe a service dog would benefit Tyler with his social skills. It would allow us to do more as a family.

We want what is best for our son. Thank you for your support and help achieving this goal.

Dale and Jill

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    Congratulations Tyler!

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