Tyson and Sadie-Sue's story

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Tyson and Sadie-Sue's story

Tyson, a 21-year veteran of the Army National Guard, was officially placed with his service dog Sadie-Sue in November of 2019.

Tyson and his family started with Retrieving Freedom by being a volunteer foster family. Their family raised Hallee, who became a service dog for a veteran in their same town. The two families are close friends now.

After Hallee, Tyson and his family began fostering Sadie-Sue. She especially took a liking toward Tyson. Their bond continued to grow and Tyson noticed he was less anxious when Sadie-Sue was around. He decided it was a good idea to put in an application for a service dog. 

Tyson and Sadie-Sue are two peas in a pod. They are truly best friends, crushing goals together and helping each other day in & day out.