Jim's Story

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Jim's Story

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My name is James (Jim) Allbaugh,
I served in the Vietnam war from 1971-1973 in the navy on board the USS OKLAHOMA CITY CLG-5 maning the 6" guns.
In 1972 we were attacked when we were between north Vietnam and Haiphong Island. While I was on watch our escort ship the USS Hibbee was bombed and we were attacked and shrapnel fell all around us. I suffer now from PTSD. I take a lot of what I call brain meds from the VA. I still hate going anywhere there are crowds. My doctors felt a service dog would be very beneficial for me. I have been training with dogs from Retrieving Freedom now. I really look forward to my time going there. My story isn't anything special. I am still very proud that I served my country and would do it again.

Jim Allbaugh
Proud Vietnam Veteran 

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  • Bro | Sep 10th 2018 @ 8:59 PM

    Your a great guy Jim. Thank you for your service.

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